To my wife and my kids for being my #1 supporter for believing and understanding in me since day one. To my Mom and Dad for giving me life and my siblings. My Mom & Dad in-law for taking care of my kids. My Rancho Harabas fam, BOLA League fam, all my families, cousins, friends, relatives all over and co-workers. Carlo "Dread Master", Drei Miongkee, Steve Gonzo , Thomas Portes, Andrew (ALL TIME REGGAE DISTRO) and Chris Parkhurst (PACIFIC NOIZE & TRUE PRESS) and all my festival fam crew.

Bands: Jhunarchy, Eyoy, Pykes, Allan and SUICIDE NOTH DEATH crew, Wally, Ron, Vok and the entire RED CORPSE fam, Spice, Ujin, Jay-Jay and BLINDSIDED, Lhemor (RIP) and PUTRAGIS fam, KONTRA KLASSE, ASP, Kenneth, Omac, Jellosteros and SUBWAY SYSTEM, UNITE & FIGHT crew, Jian, Keeyo and DEFIANT, SKA N DOLL and all Don Bosco Tarlac Hardcore/Punk crew and the entire TARLAC UNDERGROUND SCENE fam. Noel of MUTILATED NOISE ZINE, SAMPALOC & TAGUIG CRUSTCORE SCENE, and the entire PHILIPPINE PUNK AND UNDERGROUND MUSIC MOVEMENT all over. Ivan and KRIEGSHOCK crew, Chris Picon, Carlos, Anthony and all the NOGALES HIGH SCHOOL Punks, La Puente Crusties, SCUMM, NUKUM, BEWARE, PYSCHO DEMONS...

Devin, John Asher, Chiquis, John Butcher and THE EXPANDERS fam, Preston, Jeremy and EZZRAH fam, Aaron, Kennedy, Marc and the entire ITAL VIBES FAM, Chris Brennan and SOULUTIONARIES, Joel, Jay and PACIFIC NOIZE, Gary, Amber and THE COMEUNITY BAND, RIAN BASILIO AND THE ROOSTERS, DINO BONES BAND, SPLIFF VISION, ILAI MUSIC, Mark Righteous (THE SUNSETTERS), Ron, Karim, Todd, Robert, Rudy and ARISE ROOTS, Martin and QUINTO SOL, PACHAMAMA ESTELA, HUMBLE SERVANT BAND, DUB 8, Nathan, Nick and IYA TERRA fam, Justin and KING SOLOMON BAND, Tyler of BABYLON ROCKERS, Shamkeez and E.N. Young of TRIBAL SEEDS for always reppin', Vince, Juan Love, Alex and BEYOND I SIGHT, FORTUNATE YOUTH, TRUE PRESS, Moi and TOMORROWS BAD SEEDS, Paw and INDIO I (Philippines), RAS MIKEY/ISOULJAHS, THE STEPPAS, IRIE SOULS, THE IONS, INNA VISION and to all my Hawaiian link up.

DJs, Promoters, Managers etc: Tom Chasteen, Boss Harmony, Jah Faith, Chichodon, MC Woes and the entire DUB CLUB crew. Ras Sal, G-Irie, Selecta Chinne at ROOTS TIME RADIO, Alvin & Allan Sta Cruz (RENEGADES OF DUB, SKREWHEADS, SIXTY-THREE), Roger Steffens, Gio (BIG WHEEL MAGAZINE), Mila (SHINDIG), Selecta 7 & True Haze, Ras Mitch, Selecta KRAM, VAPE CREW, Cynar at VAPENOIZE, Tim Batac, Weng, Levan, Droo and HAPPY BOX PRODUCTIONS, BRUDDAH'S BAR & GRILL in Gardena, Art at 72 NORTH BAR Pasadena, Nathaniel & Jared at 3 CORNERSTONE MANAGEMENT, David and Edgar of THE PIER.ORG, Mike PLANT, Kara Lyn and SOCAL STREET TEAM, Geo of REROOTED, Rudy of RUDE ENT. PRODUCTIONS, Chuck of I&I Brewery, Jacko, Erik of WAKI PRODUCTIONS, Joe, Arnel and ELI'GERE PRODUCTIONS fam, DJ AQUATEK & TABLE MANNERZ, Mana, Mel, Jonah and POLYNESIAN UNDERGROUND, Patty of WORLD OF REGGAE, Jay & THE ORIGINATIVES, Alex and UPLIFT APPAREL, Marv and SELAH INTL, Irv of REBELLION GEAR, Young and Ben of 5th SEQUEL, Roxanne Haynes (Photographer), Garnett (Jamaican Link Up!), Stoneman (Culture Yard at Trenchtown) and to all the promoters, djs, bands, artists and venues for allowing me to set up a merch table all throughout. AND OF COURSE TO YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO BOUGHT MERCH, REP & KEEP SPREADING THE VIBES HIGH...THANK YOU!!!


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The Expanders began playing reggae music together in the summer of 2003, and today are one of the most respected and hardest working reggae bands in Southern California. They have come to be known for their vintage "rockers" style of reggae, played in the tradition of classic 1970s Jamaican groups like The Ethiopians, Culture, The Mighty Diamonds, etc. Their music emphasizes three-part vocal harmonies and strong song writing. In addition to performing their own original material and rare Jamaican scorchers, since 2006 The Expanders have been the backing band of choice for legendary Jamaican singers when they come to California to perform, having backed such classic artists as Alton Ellis, The Maytones, The Ethiopians, The Wailing Souls, and many more. For two years in a row they were featured at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Mendocino County, where their performances were praised in "The Beat" magazine as having recreated "the old classic Kingston rocksteady sound to a T". They have been frequent guests on SoCal radio shows such as "Reggae Central w/ Chuck Foster" (90.7 fm) and "The Reggae Show w/ Junor Francis" (88.9 fm). In addition to playing in The Expanders, several members of the band also play in Hepcat, The Lions, Chris Murray Combo, See Spot and Boogaloo Assassins. -


Spinning the best in classic reggae, dub, and dancehall. Regular DJs Tom Chasteen & Boss Harmony. MCs: Jah Faith, Chicho Don, Benjamin, MC Woes plus more. Experience the World Famous Legendary Dub Club every Wednesday Nights. Doors open 9pm, 21 and over. Free before 10pm, $7 after, price higher for special events. Cali Vibes Clothing's home base on most Wednesday Nights.


The band is comprised of members from both Orange County, California and the Big Island of Hawai'i. This combination of musicians is what makes Ezzrah's sound so unique...Roots with a touch of Island! -


One of the best upcoming 100% Roots Reggae band from Southbay, California.


Independent radio station from Los Angeles, California. Every Sunday at from 4-6 pm. Spinning the best of Roots Reggae music headed by host G-Irie and Selectors Ras Sal and Selecta Chinne.


Arise Roots was formed in 2010 with the passion to create a new, unique roots-reggae band. Rising up from the streets of Los Angeles, the band had one goal: create a fresh reggae sound with a modern feel that appeals to all walks of life without compromising the true feel of roorts reggae. - David Garcia


L.A.'s fresh new reggae band!


Cali Vibes Clothing other home base in Gardena, California. Good Vibes all over! 


Great recording studio in West Hollywood, California with a very affordable and great rates. 


Basketball Organization of Los Angeles. 

The basketball league that I've been running since 2011 around Los Angeles and West Covina Area. Promoting Sportsmanship and Friendship all throughout.  

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